Identity theft tips in Pennsylvania

Identity theft tips

Identity theft has become an issue in today’s online world and the costs to victim can be very high.  Having the proper insurance in place can also help protect you in case of a violation.  Here are some tips to help protect from identity theft:

  • Social Networking sites – be mindful of posting any sensitive information on social sites as thieves can troll these sites to find information like address, phone numbers, birthdates, kid’s names, etc. and can use these to hack your personal bank accounts.  You can set your privacy settings to Friends and turn off the ability to share information.
  • Downloading apps – apps you install on your phone can be used to install spyware and lift account and other sensitive information from your mobile device.  To avoid the bad ones, stick to apps from well-known, reputable companies and those reviewed in respected publications.  And be especially wary of unsolicited advertisements.
  • Wifi hot spots -  If you go online at the airport, library, a coffee shop or any other public place that has free WiFi, thieves using the same connection can hack into your laptop or smartphone.   Try to avoid using wireless connections-especially free ones that don’t require a password-even if it’s just to check your email.

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