Partner with Premier for captive agents

A placement service for your customer's non-standard needs

Do you receive these questions from your clients????

"Now that you've canceled me for non-payment, where can I get insurance?">

"Can you cover my vacant building?"

"Are you able to insure my contracting business?" "Do I need worker's comp?"

"I need insurance for my commercial business. Can you write it?"



If you have customers who need service in these areas, come to Partner With Premier. We will protect your current home and auto policies that you provide for them. We specialize in the non-standard carriers and can help your customers with ease and quick turn-around.

Just one call or email connects you to our Partner With Premier program. We'll keep you posted -- let you know the kind of service we provided. Sometimes it's just education about the particular risk they are looking at. It's the information they need to make a decision that may be larger than the insurance question. Then, we send quarterly updates so that you know their status.

Premier Group Insurance, LLC, an independent agency, has been in business since 1988. We developed Partner With Premier over 10 years ago and we’re committed to servicing the captive agent market and their customers who need coverage that is outside of underwriting guidelines. We are grateful to the hundreds of agents who have trusted our program so far, and we look forward to working with you, too.

This is a business to business relationship and you are our valued customer. We'll do everything we can to provide service outside the box for you and your clients.

Partner With Premier is a safe place for your clients.

Please call on us if you have any questions.

Len Garza, 215.663.8998

Len Garza