Finding an Insurance Agency in Pennsylvania or New Jersey

Finding an Insurance Agency in Pennsylvania or New Jersey

In today’s online times, finding an insurance agency may not be your first concern.  You may go online to get an insurance quote and get 5 or 6 back and pick the cheapest one.  Price may be a factor in getting insurance but shouldn’t be the only one.

Insurance is there to protect you and your family, and the right independent insurance agency can be beneficial when selecting your plans.  A good insurance agency will help you in evaluating your risk, understand your coverage and put a plan together that meets all your insurance needs.

The insurance broker with an independent insurance agency does not work for any one insurance company. At Premier Group Insurance in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we can quote many different companies at one time to provide options in price.

Some questions to ask your insurance agency:

  • What companies did you use to obtain the quote?
  • What customer service options do you offer?
  • How does the claim process work?

You should have online access, email availability and phone customer service options when choosing your insurance agency.  Finding the right insurance agency should be just as important as price when selecting insurance plans.  It’s best not to wait until you have a loss, to realize you need a better insurance agency on your side.  If you have questions or need assistance, contact Premier Group Insurance today.