Finding the Right Insurance Company

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It can be difficult for consumers to find the right insurance company and that is one of the advantages to using an independent insurance agency.  Each carrier has different plans & pricing, and at Premier Group Insurance we strive to provide the top-rated insurance companies in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

Here are some characteristics that we feel separate the good insurance company from an average one:

Reviews – looking at an insurance companies reviews on social media will help you get a good feel of their stability and their customer service.  Financial ratings are also a good indicator of a good insurance company.

Company History & Reputation -  you can review the company size and history of an insurance company to understand their dynamic.  Some larger companies have greater ability to pay claims and better resources.  However, smaller companies often have better customer service and more community involvement.

Coverage & Price – make sure the insurance company actually has the coverage you need at a reasonable price.

Service – look at revies on the customer service aspect.  These include hold times, online bill pay and claims reporting.

Let one of the professionals at Premier Group Insurance compare carriers for you and find the best insurance company for your needs.